Bathroom Design Ideas

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Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to designing a bathroom there are a wide variety of different options, styles and themes that a person can choose from. There are a ton of different variables to consider before changing the theme of your bathroom. How big is the bathroom? Who will be using the bathroom? What types of colors best bring out your home’s personality? All of these questions must be answered before starting a new bathroom projects. This article will give you a few ideas to begin with some cost effective while others may be a little more pricey. After reading this article you should have a pretty good idea of how to design a brand new bathroom.

Bathing in Luxury

For those people who have a little more money to spend the possibilities are endless. You can choose to have a marble designed bathroom with sequence paneling and designs on the wall. This will give your bathroom a more luxurious look and feel to it. Imagine walking into a bathroom and being greeted by a stand up shower that has six different body sprays in it. Each of the sprays will have different settings and water pressure that allows for a thrilling and relaxing time in the shower. Along with the stand up shower, will be both a toilet as well as bidet. A bidet is a french self cleaning device that shoots a stream of warm water upward. All of this could be offset by a beautiful pearl white sink that has two nozzles in the shape of a ram’s head.

Bathing on a Budget

For those trying to spruce up their home on a budget here are a few tips that are bound to help. One great tip for designing on a budget is to make use of colors and light. If there is a light source such as a window that is in a bathroom it is important to use brighter colors that will shine in the morning. This can really make a smaller bathroom look more spacious. For children’s bathroom it is great to implement some more fun type themes in their bathrooms. Consider going to stores such as Walmart, Kmart and Walgreens where they have plenty of cartoon styled towels, toilet covers and bathroom accessories available. Black and white shower  curtains as well as bathroom accessories are a timeless favorite. They give your bathroom a unique flair along with a very organized and neat looking bathroom.

Sprucing up your bathroom can be as challenging or as simple as you want to make it. The choice is really up to you and how much you are willing to spend. Spending lots of money does not automatically mean that your bathroom will look great. Sometimes it simple, small and cheap additions to a bathroom that make it stand out the most. The best  tip for bathroom designs ideas is to never use one solid color for your bathroom. This will make the bathroom look incredibly dull and lifeless.

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Heating Your Home Efficiently

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House heating

As the winter time approaches, now may be a great time to begin looking for ways to heat your home efficiently. Some of the most common ways of heating your home such as electric radiators, may actually waste more energy and heat. Some of these methods may even become very expensive and draining on your wallet very quickly. For these reasons alone, finding a good and efficient method of heating your home should be considered. Some of these home heating procedures are things that you do everyday, but may not be aware of its heating possibilities.

Heating the Home: Efficient Ways of Heating Up a Home

One great way to save heat and energy is to check for drafts that you may not be aware of. Drafts occur when a door, window or other opening is left open. This will allow some of the heat to escape from your home and into the outside. Though it may seem like a small problem, over the course of a few month it can lead up to a few hundred dollars extra on your heating bills. One way to check for a draft is to buy some incense and light it. Walk around your home and check for drafts by checking for the flame and smokes movement. If the smoke is drifting horizontally then chances are you are nearby a draft. You can also go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy smoke pencils, which were made from this job in particular. After finding the draft simply seal or shut the drafted area. For doors you can try to use weatherstripping which will help completely seal off the doors eliminating any chance for drafting.

Another cheap and easy energy efficient idea is to draw the drapes around your windows at night. The majority of heat lost is usually through the windows. One of the best ways to reduce this problem is to draw the curtains after 8pm. This will stop the effects of a draft in your home. Plastic window kits can act as a sealer for most windows. Applying it to the window is a snap and it is a very cost effective method, that can save you big on your next energy bill. If you have  a few extra dollars to shell out then you can invest in a heater fan. This fan blows hot air horizontally allowing the room of a home to heat up a lot quicker.

For those of you looking for a great way to save energy and heat up the home there are a plethora of different ways. Most of these involve using techniques that will cost you as little as $2 and will save you more than that in heating bills. Imagine being able to heat up your entire home simply by making a few little adjustments, most of which will cost you very little. As the winter time approaches considered using one of these methods to help save some money as well as energy.

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Top Solutions Against Hard Water

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Hard water

Before delving into the different methods that can be used to get rid of hard water it is important to understand what it is and the effects it has. When rain falls from the sky it is called soft water. It is soft water because it is pure water with nothing else mixed with it. When the rainwater comes in contact with the earth and dissolves into it, becomes hard water. Hard water is soft water that has collected a variety of minerals. Hard water is measured by grains per gallon and a degree of hardness from 1-10(similar to the measure of a metal).

Hard Water Effects

Since there are small parts of different types of minerals within the water, it can have some devastating effects on and around the home. In most hard water there is a combination of both magnesium and calcium found within the water. When hard water gets heatedit may begin to encrust itself around or in any place that it is found in. When it comes to bathrooms and bathroom fixtures this can be a big problem. For pipes hard water can cause clogs within the system, which will slow down the flow of the water. Also soap and shampoos rather really badly when mixed with hard water, causing people to use more soap or shampoo in every use.

Some common problems include: tough stains left on the bathroom sink or shower, film in the kitchen sink, dried out skin, scaly minerals deposits around the house and bad tasting coffee. It is important to remember that hard water does not affect humans in a overly negative or deadly way, but can become very inconvenient if further action is not taken.

 Solutions available for Hard Water and its Effects

One of the best ways to get rid of hard water in your home is to install a soft water pump within the home. These water softening procedures work on a simple principle. The minerals that are found within hard water are attracted to sodium ions. A water softener will produce these sodium ions which will attract and pull out the magnesium and calcium within the water. This will return the water back to its original  soft state. Another great option is to make use of distilled vinegar that will help bleach out the crusted, scaly hard water residue. For self cleanliness it is important to look for soaps and shampoos that are made to deal with hard water. This will help you save tons of money on personal hygiene products.

Though hard water can ruin a person kitchen and bathroom sink. There are a few benefits to using hard water. Some scientist have even suggested that drinking hard water can help alleviate some effects of osteoporosis. This is due to the fact that hard water contains some trace minerals like calcium that block osteoporosis. According to one Finnish study drinking hard water can prevent some forms of heart disease and illnesses.

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